Locus Solutions and other Key Industries

The Consumer Packaged Goods industry continues to adjust to the consumer-driven marketplace. Consumers expect R&D to not only hear but respond to their needs with an idea-to-market timeframe that requires excellence in planning and operations.

Thriving in the connected world, the Consumer Packaged Goods industry is also integrating devices into products that collect and share information – creating new opportunities to extend the brand with services and add-on products

Opportunities for the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry includes:
  • Enhance omnichannel investments with sentiment from the organization’s structured and unstructured data.
  • Improve forecasting by combining traditional product, channel and segment data with customer-level sales trends and focus group sentiments
  • Innovate and deploy to the IoT for enhanced consumer intimacy and new revenue channels

The healthcare provider industry has become the convergence of growing expectations for patient care, an insurance industry transformation and new speculation on pharmaceutical costs – while the population ages and diseases show resilience.

Healthcare providers can utilize analytics to better understand the complex relationships between symptoms, medications, treatment options and

Opportunities for the Healthcare Provider Industry includes:
  • Deploy caregiver analytics to model patient symptoms, medication alternatives and treatment options to share potential outcomes and cost of care at time of service
  • Adopt big data strategies to manage growing data collection and data sharing requirements.
  • Integrate patient-wearable device data to improve patient care and engagement.

The global financial services industry is challenged with finding new approaches to maximize profitability. In mature markets, banks and insurance companies face challenges to reduce operational complexity and gain deeper customer insights to grow revenue. While in emerging markets, this industry is focused on innovation to tap new opportunities for growth and maintain cost leadership.

Opportunities for the Financial Services Industry includes:
  • Increase portfolio value through analysis of customer data, establish service differentiation and improve fraud protection. We work with leading banks and financial institutions to deliver fact-based insights quickly, design targeted marketing campaigns with higher return on investment and devise cross-sell campaigns that significantly improve their portfolio value. Our specific areas of focus are: Customer Acquisition, Segmentation, Portfolio Management, Loyalty Management, Retention and Fraud Analytics
  • Harnessing and using this data effectively is the new basis for competitive advantage. Data analytics can identify opportunities to increase workforce efficiency; improve pull-through, reduce defect rates, and increase speed in loan manufacturing; and help you reduce risk

Video: The Internet of Things (IoT)

How devices create data and share that data using the IoT.