IBM Software Licensing and Renewals

Locus can navigate the complex realm of IBM software licensing for you

Locus Solutions have decades of experience helping our clients with IBM Licensing and Renewals. It’s our job to stay up-to-date on IBM’s terms and conditions and understand them inside and out. In many cases we have helped clients leverage IBM’s Passport Advantage program to actually lower software costs.

Whether you need one or several licenses, or need to reduce the cost of your software maintenance renewals, Locus Solutions can deliver the best insights and pricing.

Passport Advantage and Passport Advantage Express are simple, comprehensive IBM offerings that cover license acquisition— including Fixed Term Licenses and Software Subscription and Support [also referred to as Software Maintenance] – product upgrades and technical support under a single, common set of agreements, processes and tools.

Learn how much you can save the next time you:

  • Purchase new IBM software licenses
  • Renew Software Subscription and Support
  • Buy & renew technical support