Locus Solutions Big Data Services

With the challenge of growing structured and unstructured data volumes and the need for fast business answers, using a multi-purpose system for all data workloads is often not the most cost effective or low risk approach, and definitely not the fastest to deploy.

Locus Solutions help you:

  • Understand the capabilities of commercial Apache Hadoop distributions such as IBM, Hortonworks, Cloudera, or MapR and their integration options with traditional data warehousing your BI tools.
  • Optimize the data management for BI tool requirements.
  • Design and develop big data analytics to drive business optimization, value and opportunities.

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Learn why Big Data requires a different approach.

PureData System for Analytics

IBM® PureData™ for Analytics, powered by Netezza technology, is changing the game for data warehouse appliances. Designed to help you unlock data’s true potential, the new IBM PureData System for Analytics is:

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Costs & Benefits for IBM PureData for Analytics

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PureData System for Operational Analytics

PureData™ System for Operational Analytics is an expert integrated data system that is designed and optimized specifically for the demands of an operational analytics workload. The system is a complete, out-of-the-box solution for operational analytics that provides both the simplicity of an appliance and the flexibility of a custom solution. Designed to handle 1000+ concurrent operational queries1 , it delivers mission-critical reliability, scalability and outstanding performance.

The System enables IT departments to easily deploy, optimize and manage data-intensive workloads for operational analytics. It delivers exceptional value in three ways:

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PureData for Operational Analytics
IBM PureData System for Transactions
Optimized exclusively for transactional data workloads

PureData™ System for Transactions is a highly reliable and scalable database platform designed to help reduce complexity, accelerate time to value and lower ongoing data management costs. The system enables IT departments to easily deploy, optimize and manage transactional database workloads. This expert integrated system sets a new standard in workload-optimized systems, delivering value with:

Built-in database management expertise that enables the system to do many of the ongoing administration tasks automatically, freeing up database staff from routine work

Integration by design that results in factory-optimized systems designed for high reliability and scalability out of the box, streamlining system integration efforts

A simplified experience from design to purchase to maintenance, which helps reduce total cost of operations

The PureData System for Transactions represents the future of data services delivery and management. It combines the simplicity of a workload-optimized appliance with the flexibility of tailor-made systems, providing both fast time-to-value and customization to meet specific business needs.

Online Demo:
PureData for Transactions

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PureData for Transactions

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