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IBM’s Watson Analytics – Unbiased Analytics with Cognitive Capabilities

IBM Watson Analytics is a smart data analysis and visualization service on the cloud that helps just about anyone quickly discover patterns and meanings in their data – all on their own.

A cognitive business is a thinking business where everyone can engage in new ways with technology. People and technology work together to learn more by exploring all types of information, cultivate insights that lead to the best decisions and follow more ideas to fruition. IBM Watson Analytics helps just about anyone quickly discover patterns and meanings in their data – all on their own. Guided data exploration, automated predictive analytics and cognitive capabilities such as natural language dialogue allow users to interact with data conversationally, and with reason and purpose, to get answers in ways they can easily understand.

Watson Analytics gives new ways to find insights and opportunities so you can outthink limitations and redefine what is possible for you and your organization:

  • Natural language query that lets you engage with data in a human way to find new associations and insights
  • Predictive analytics to automatically surface the variables driving outcomes
  • Compelling visualizations automatically created just for you in one click to help you make sense of data and tell more powerful stories
  • Sharing and collaboration to communicate insights with others and fast-track decision making
  • Connectors to pull in external data like social data, data stored in the cloud and internal enterprise data stores to enrich your analysis
  • Data refinement that converts, combines and cleans data from multiple files and formats so your analysis is more meaningful and relevant


Inquisitive minds will still be needed to drive Watson Analytics and drive new insights. New questions and queries will constantly need to be formulated. And the expertise that many IT research analysts have in their chosen fields of endeavor will prove invaluable in helpin to formulate those queries. But the role of the IT analyst will shift from being a “talking head” with specialist knowledge in specific fields to that of a data scientist who knows what questions to ask in order to derive new insights.

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