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Finally, the business has the speed, agility & ease of the cloud to prepare and manage analytics datasets – without burdening IT

IBM dashDB is the high performance, analytics-geared database in the cloud – built for business, by the business. Here is why data scientists and business analytics value IBM dashDB:

  • Auto-Indexing means you are not waiting for your queries or for IT
  • Scalable to analyze Excel-, 3rd-Party- and data warehouse-data combined – and in time for your 2 o’clock meeting
  • No distractions of software installs, upgrades or patches that even your IT team will appreciate
  • Cloud economics puts the power of dashDB in the hands of those who need it the most

Now is the Time to Bridge to the Cloud with IBM dashDB

There is no shortage of data today. In fact, the organizations who best manage their data, perform better. IBM dashDB allows you to empower the analysts in the organization who need to load, cleanse and manage datasets – on a secured, scalable platform – and do it quickly, without yet another burden on IT. And let’s be honest, the days of emailing files, network shares and even “somewhere on Linda’s laptop” are short-lived in this age of information.

Are You Ready To Cross The Bridge?

Locus Solutions has helped customers successfully deploy to the cloud – and we can help you be successful too. We will begin with a no-obligation assessment to review the features of IBM dashDB that matter most to you and develop a business value assessment to understand the time and resource savings the cloud may provide you.

To make getting-started easier for you, download the “Champions of Software as a Service – How SaaS is fueling powerful competitive advantage” report – compliments of Locus Solutions.

Download “Champions of Software as a Service” report from the IBM Center for Applied Insights