Thank you for requesting the whitepaper – Building a Hybrid Cloud with Bluemix

IBM Bluemix was launched to provide a rich set of infrastructure, platform, and software services for building, running, and managing applications.

Transitioning from traditional IT to cloud IT is not an all-at-once, big bang effort. Rather, the cloud adoption process should be an agile, incremental process. The true value of the hybrid cloud lies not just in rapid delivery of divergent IT services, but also in the exposure of new IT services as micro service APIs for future projects.

In Bluemix, developers have direct access to hundreds of IBM and third-party services for compute, storage, integration, security, analytics, and other key functions, while IT administrators control and manage service availability and access across an entire organization. And to allow for further flexibility, Bluemix environments can be deployed in the public cloud (Bluemix Public), in a single-tenant public cloud environment (Bluemix Dedicated), or private on-premises in a customer data center (Bluemix Local).

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