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IBM Bluemix – Building Hybrid Cloud Solutions

The hybrid approach is the future of integrated IT service delivery. It is not “optional” or “nice to have,” but instead represents the environment in which all organizations will operate. Thus, it is critical to understand the implications of hybrid and to devise a strategy to facilitate its successful implementation.

IBM defines hybrid cloud as the secure consumption and integration of services from two or more sources, including private cloud, public cloud, or traditional IT. The true value of the hybrid cloud lies not just in rapid delivery of divergent IT services, but also in the exposure of new IT services as micro service APIs for future projects.

Bluemix provides granular control to delegate a broad catalog of cloud resources to your team in one dedicated/local/hybrid environment. Hybrid cloud is becoming the standard approach for integrated IT service delivery. While no two organizations will have the exact same approach to hybrid, it’s imperative to create a strategy that addresses the ramifications of hybrid for your business and facilitates its successful implementation

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