Locus Solutions and the Retail & Consumer Packaged Goods Industries


The Retail industry continues it transformation to better respond to the shopping and buying trends of today’s consumers. In some areas, smaller family-run or regional stores are under tremendous pressure from large, multinational retailers. But even the large retailers are challenged to set up and fortify critical supply and distribution channels to remain efficient and competitive.

Opportunities for the Telecommunications Industry includes:
  • Customer Analytics – Listen and respond to customer sentiment with customer analytics to tailor personalized information, products and services
  • Store Operations – Link sentiment and buying trends when forecasting inventory, sales and promotions
  • Merchandising – Empower store and product managers with customer analytics to avoid sellouts and meet their forecasts
  • Inventory Management – Use integrated analytics to lean inventories to forecasted product mixes and promotions

The Consumer Packaged Goods industry continues to adjust to the consumer-driven marketplace. Consumers expect R&D to not only hear but respond to their needs with an idea-to-market timeframe that requires excellence in planning and operations.

Thriving in the connected world, the Consumer Packaged Goods industry is also integrating devices into products that collect and share information – creating new opportunities to extend the brand with services and add-on products

Opportunities for the Consumer Packaged Goods Industry includes:
  • Enhance omnichannel investments with sentiment from the organization’s structured and unstructured data.
  • Improve forecasting by combining traditional product, channel and segment data with customer-level sales trends and focus group sentiments
  • Innovate and deploy to the IoT for enhanced consumer intimacy and new revenue channels

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