Locus Solutions and the Healthcare & Life Sciences Industries


The healthcare provider industry has become the convergence of growing expectations for patient care, an insurance industry transformation and new speculation on pharmaceutical costs – while the population ages and diseases show resilience.

Healthcare providers can utilize analytics to better understand the complex relationships between symptoms, medications, treatment options and

Opportunities for the Healthcare Provider Industry includes:
  • Deploy caregiver analytics to model patient symptoms, medication alternatives and treatment options to share potential outcomes and cost of care at time of service
  • Adopt big data strategies to manage the insightful but growing patient wearable data streams.
  • Integrate patient-wearable device data to improve patient care and engagement.

The Biotechnology, Pharmaceutical and Medical technology industries continue their transformation to align to the evolving patient-driven care model plus mounting cost and regulatory pressures. While the focus has been on optimizing the manufacturing operations, Life Sciences organizations need to go further to optimize R&D, sales and distribution operations.

Opportunities for the Life Sciences Industry includes:
  • Extend data-driven optimizations beyond manufacturing to R&D, finance and sales
  • Answer cost pressures with predictive analytics to better plan and execute key programs and initiatives
  • Design and implement what-if and driver-based plans to model R&D initiatives with the aging of the population, predictive disease trends and patient demands for drug price transparency

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