Locus Solutions and the Communications Industry


In many ways, the telecommunications industry has fueled the information age and the connected planet. Telecommunications organization are now defined in terms of their technological forms and products rather than by their traditional content.

While navigating regulations and continued industry consolidation of today, telecommunications organizations must innovate products and services that meet the needs of their next-generation customer.

Opportunities for the Telecommunications Industry includes:
  • Harvest sentiment analytics from every customer touch
  • Deploy a robust capital planning solution with sophisticated what-if scenarios for product and service mix, customer churn trends and multi-year predictive analysis.
  • Empower all levels of the organization with 360 degree analytics of your customer, markets and opportunities.

With the innovations in technology, reaching a prospective customer is no longer the challenge but listening to the prospective customer is.

Communications Services Professionals are looked upon to not only develop the map of how to utilize structured and unstructured data but also provide guided services through the map to produce real results.

Opportunities for the Communications Services Professionals includes:
  • Adopt big data strategies to harness structured and unstructured repositories as a new standard for conducting business.
  • Provide advanced analytics to better predict future opportunities, risks and outcomes.
  • Deploy data scientist-caliber tools to easily explore, predict and prepare data for the organization.

Innovation and technology are the name of the game for high tech organizations but competition is fierce. Time to market, reliability and security are paramount for innovators to have staying power in the industry.

The connected world is creating opportunity for these organizations, customers and their prospective customers.

Opportunities for the Computer Services Industry includes:
  • Utilize social media sentiments to drive product requirements.
  • Deploy cognitive analytics solutions to make your talent pool more productive and smart.
  • Implement predictive analytics to plan and forecast product releases and reduce customer churn

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The challenges and opportunities of the Communications Industry.