With decades of experience and passion for results, our executive management team drives the innovation and performance at the core of our company. Our leaders are visionary thinkers and problem solvers, positioning Locus to continue thriving as the world class data analytics consulting company.

Our management team is comprised of individuals who have diverse but complementary skills and substantial collective experience and background in data analytics and business. They are passionate about inspiring and empowering Locus employees to deliver exemplary service to, and create value for, our customer’s organizations.

We are trusted by our customers to navigate Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning, Cloud, Mobile and Emerging technologies to deliver right-fit solutions, analytics strategies, phase-one projects, full implementations, standardization and enhancement services.

Locus Solutions consultants are proven and experienced solution providers with both business and technical expertise across a broad range of industries and areas. Driven by our committed pursuit of quality, we recruit and train the highest caliber consultants. Then we equip them with methodology, collective experience, direct access to product development, and a growing and organized knowledge base.