IBM SPSS Predictive Analytics

Perform statistical analysis, data and text mining, and predictive modeling to anticipate change and take action to improve outcomes.

With IBM SPSS predictive analytics software you can perform statistical analysis, data and text mining, predictive modeling and decision optimization to help you anticipate change and take action to improve outcomes. IBM SPSS is an integrated family of products that addresses the entire analytical process, from planning to data collection to analysis, reporting and deployment. With integrated modules, you can find the specialized capabilities you need to increase revenue, outperform competitors, conduct research and make better decisions.

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Predictive Analytics for Mid-Size Business

IBM Predictive Analytics solutions for the mid-size business can help identify opportunities for competitive advantage without straining your budget or IT staff.

Backed by Locus Solutions and IBM expertise, these solutions will provide you with the tools to gain immediate value and return on investment while you plan for long-term growth. Empower everyone from beginners to experienced analysts to uncover and act on insights using powerful statistical analysis, data mining, text analytics and social media analysis capabilities.

StatisticsStatistical analysis – Make more accurate decisions and achieve better outcomes for your organization by analyzing complex relationships.

Data mining

Data mining and predictive modeling – Uncover hidden patterns and associations in both structured and unstructured data and predict future outcomes.

Text Analysis

Text analysis – Leverage unstructured data, including web activity, blog content, customer feedback, emails and social media, into your analysis.

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IBM SPSS for Mid-size Business

Make the right decisions at the right time for your mid-size business.

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IBM SPSS Data Collection

IBM® SPSS® Data Collection is a complete suite of products for survey, market or business researchers. It enables you to quickly and efficiently acquire clean data from the widest range of sources using an expansive array of methods.

This is increasingly important as business today demands faster, more representative and more cost-effective surveys for deeper insight into customers’ thoughts and opinions.

IBM SPSS Data Collection provides everything needed to meet and exceed demands.


Interviewing – Advanced, easy-to-use technology for deploying and managing compelling surveys over the web, by phone or face-to-face. Keep up with trends such as HTML5 and mobile surveys.

AuthoringAuthoring – Streamline the process of creating surveys using familiar, intuitive interfaces and incorporate sophisticated logic to increase completion rates and ensure high-quality data.


Reporting – Easily and efficiently develop professional, interactive reports in online or desktop environments, and deliver the right information to the right people at the right time.

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SPSS Data Collection Overview

IBM SPSS Statistics
IBM SPSS Statistics is the world’s leading statistical software. It enables you to quickly dig deeper into your data, making it a much more effective tool than spreadsheets, databases or standard multi-dimensional tools for analysts. SPSS Statistics excels at making sense of complex patterns and associations — enabling end users to draw conclusions and make
predictions. And it’s fast — handling tasks like data manipulation and statistical procedures in a third of the time of many non-statistical programs.

SPSS StatisticsSPSS Statistics Standard Edition – Fundamental analytical capabilities for a wide variety of business and research questions.

Statistics ProfessionalSPSS Statistics Professional – Additional capabilities to address issues of data quality, data complexity, automation and forecasting.

Statistics PremiumIBM SPSS Statistics Premium – A full range of analytical techniques plus structural equation modeling (SEM). In-depth sampling assessment and testing, and procedures for direct marketing.

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SPSS Statistics Product Overview

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IBM SPSS Modeler

IBM SPSS Modeler is a predictive analytics platform that is designed to bring predictive intelligence to decisions made by individuals, groups, systems and the enterprise. By providing a range of advanced algorithms and techniques that include text analytics, entity analytics, decision management and optimization, SPSS Modeler can help you consistently make the right decisions—from the desktop or within operational systems.


SPSS Modeler Gold – Build and deploy predictive models directly into your business processes with decision management.  With SPSS Modeler on Cloud, these capabilities are available as a monthly subscription service.

SPSS Modeler Premium

SPSS Modeler Premium – SPSS Modeler Premium provides text analytics, entity analytics and social network analysis, along with automated modeling and preparation techniques, help you unlock insights from almost any type of data.

SPSS Modeler Professional

SPSS Modeler Professional – Use advanced algorithms, data manipulation and automated modeling and preparation techniques to build predictive models that can help you deliver better business outcomes.

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IBM SPSS Modeler overview