Advanced Analytics

Perform statistical analysis, data and text mining, and predictive modeling to anticipate change and take action to improve outcomes.
With extensive analytics capabilities delivered by Locus Solutions, you can understand what happened, what will happen and what should happen. Easily engage both business and technical users to uncover opportunities and address big issues. Operationalize analytics into business processes.

Locus Solutions helps you:

We are experts at integrating the following Advanced Analytics applications

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Predictive Analytics brings together advanced analytics capabilities spanning ad-hoc statistical analysis, predictive modeling, data mining, text analytics, entity analytics, optimization, real-time scoring, machine learning and more.

Predictive analytics has been shown to transform professions and industries through better use of data. Yet for some organizations the promise of predictive analytics is often hindered by an inability to turn insights gained into business value. When an organization is able to deploy predictive intelligence at the point of impact, the value of analytical projects are amplified and the promise of predictive transformation can be realized.


IBM SPSS Statistics
IBM SPSS Statistics is the world’s leading statistical software. It enables you to quickly dig deeper into your data, making it a much more effective tool than spreadsheets, databases or standard multi-dimensional tools for analysts. SPSS Statistics excels at making sense of complex patterns and associations — enabling end users to draw conclusions and make predictions. And it’s fast — handling tasks like data manipulation and statistical procedures in a third of the time of many non-statistical programs.

Data mining

IBM SPSS Modeler

IBM SPSS Modeler is a predictive analytics platform that is designed to bring predictive intelligence to decisions made by individuals, groups, systems and the enterprise. By providing a range of advanced algorithms and techniques that include text analytics, entity analytics, decision management and optimization, SPSS Modeler can help you consistently make the right decisions—from the desktop or within operational systems.

Watson Analytics offers you the benefits of advanced analytics without the complexity.

IBM’s Watson application is a smart data discovery service available on the cloud, it guides data exploration, automates predictive analytics and enables effortless dashboard and infographic creation.

Locus Solutions has deployed Watson successfully and we can help you us this powerful tool to get answers and new insights to make confident decisions in minutes.


IBM Watson is a cognitive exploration solution that combines search and content analytics with unique cognitive computing capabilities. This helps users find and understand the information they need to work more efficiently and make better, more confident decisions.

Watson can help improve performance across an entire organization by streamlining the process of gathering and analyzing the information needed for
day-to-day tasks and interactions, as well as both strategic and tactical decisions.

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