Locus Solutions Services for IBM Watson


IBM Watson is the platform for cognitive business. Locus Solutions consultants will draw on their machine learning, advanced analytics, and data science experience to get and accelerate the value out of cognitive computing solutions.

Locus Solutions develops solutions using IBM Watson Services to harness structured and unstructured data using:

Locus Solutions provides JumpStart services to get started with IBM Watson Analytics.
IBM Watson JumpStart Services from Locus Solutions Includes:
  • Tips to prepare and upload data to IBM Watson Analytics.
  • A hands-on tutorial that enables you to develop integrated visualizations for the organization.
  • Guided expertise to secure, integrate and deploy dashboards for every level of the organization.
Locus Solutions will guide your subject matter experts and developers on best practices to teach Watson the linguistic nuances & knowledge domains of your team, your department, your organization and your industry.
Locus Solutions Services for IBM Watson Knowledge Studio includes:
  • Best Practices to prepare and integrate data.
  • Expert guidance to master AlchemyLanguage using the Alchemy API to “train” a custom model about your knowledge domain.
  • Enable you to deliver text analytics using Watson Explorer.
Locus Solutions will help you develop your cognitive application that combine multiple services for an intuitive, powerful and insightful solution.
Locus Solutions Services for IBM Watson Developer Cloud includes:
  • Best Practices to integrate news and social media and understand how people are talking about your company; understand important topics and how people feel about them.
  • Develop task-based solutions that guide users to interact, explore and support decisions using natural language.

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