ThoughtSpot Professional Services


Locus Solutions enables every user to pull up relevant company information in a matter of seconds using ThoughtSpot’s powerful search and data analysis capabilities.

Locus Solutions helps you:

  • Use natural language to let you have a conversation with your data.
  • Surface billions of rows of data for automated, granular insights with one mouse click.
  • Make use of AI to uncover insights from questions you might not have thought to ask.
  • Deploy interactive dashboards to drill anywhere and answer “the next question” in seconds.

For new and ongoing deployments of ThoughtSpot, identifying, integrating, loading and securing granular data for ThoughtSpot is crucial to meet user expectations.

Locus Solutions helps you:

  • Model and ingest data from on-premise, cloud, big data and desktop data sources into ThoughtSpot.
  • Develop sustaining data management procedures that combine your current operations with ThoughtSpot best-practices.

Leverage entire data sets to auto-detect anomalies and outliers. Identify relationships between measures that you didn’t know about. Discover trends on noisy data. Granularly explain differences between two data points.

Locus Solutions helps you:

  • Utilize AI to identify unusual patterns that do not conform to expected behavior.
  • Spot leading indicators from causal relationships between business drivers and outcomes.
  • Analyze noisy data to isolate trends and identify consistent patterns.

Develop and share live dashboards with search queries that visually link answers back to your data. Trace dependencies of charts and drill anywhere without needing to pre-define drill paths. Make ad-hoc changes to your search for new insights – in seconds.

Locus Solutions helps you:

  • Establish team dashboards to initiate their search, conversations and exploration of your data.
  • Develop visualizations to depict data and data relationships.
  • Empower your users to drill anywhere and answer “the next question” in seconds.

Video: ThoughtSpot Demo: Search & AI-Driven Analytics