Roadmaps, Architecture, and Implementation

Analyze, design, deploy, optimize, and maintain your IBM solutions

Locus Solutions Roadmaps Architecture, and Implementation services includes requirements gathering and definitions, business analysis, data analysis, and solution implementation. We can help you analyze, design, deploy, optimize, and maintain your IBM solutions and simplify your architecture to provide improved information for performance management.


Locus Solution’s experts understand how to create technology roadmaps that match short-term and long-term goals with specific technology solutions to help meet those goals. Our Roadmaps deliver the following:

  1. An understanding of the current state
    • Quantifiable business objectives
    • Functional needs
    • Current operating models
    • Cost and complexity drivers
    • Business and technical assets
  2. Definition of desired state or changes
    • Performance targets
    • Operating model improvements
    • Principals of performance
  3. Capability review and GAP analysis
    • Organizational
    • Functional
    • Architectural (technology)
    • Process
  4. Prioritization – This is simply a list of actionable items prioritized by evaluating the relative business value and the technical complexity.
  5. Produce roadmap – Once we understand the current vs. desired state, prioritization, and sequences our experts produce a roadmap describing what should be done in what order.

From the roadmap findings Locus experts design an enterprise architecture concept that blueprints the structure and operation of your enterprise environment. Locus Solutions architecture includes business, applications, information, and technology perspectives:

  • The business perspective – includes the processes and standards by which the business operates.
  • The application perspective – defines the interactions among the processes and standards used by the organization.
  • The information perspective – defines the data sources that the organization needs to efficiently operate.
  • The technology perspective – defines the hardware, operating systems, programming, and networking solutions used.


Once the Roadmap and Architect stages are complete, our consultants provide direct implementation services. Locus Solutions team members are experts at planning, managing, and delivering enterprise-class applications. Our experience helps our clients shorten the time, reduce the cost and avoid the pitfalls involved in implementations. We provide a collaborative framework that defines the best implementation path for your organization – enabling you to deploy new solutions based on proven best practices and without disrupting the availability of your critical data.