Managed Services & Software Life-Cycle Management

Partner up for better, more agile IT
IT is under more pressure than ever to align with the business and reach strategic goals. Smart companies know sourcing is the most efficient way to get the best IT services possible that meet business requirements while reducing infrastructure costs and freeing up valuable IT resources. Taking advantage of managed services allows IT to get the most out of technology while delivering maximum value.

Locus Solution’s Managed Services provides access to high-quality expert support. With minimum investment, organizations can improve service to their customers, manage business risk and reduce operational cost.

Managed Services Benefits

  • Improved Visibility – Access to all operational as well as contextual analytics, reports, logs, and more from one single platform.
  • Robust Infrastructure – The enterprise infrastructure provided by Locus is extremely robust and supports all facets of an organizations performance management needs.
  • 24*7 Integrated Support Desk – Access to dedicated support that monitors critical service levels and provides infrastructure service.
  • Customized Packaged Solution – Customizable services built to meet specific needs.
  • Increase Focus – Allow staff to concentrate on higher-value initiatives and business goals.
  • Reduce risk – Application level experts manage infrastructure to a consistent standard.
  • Flexible Support Levels – You select the application and level of support needed.

Locus Solutions Managed Services provide secure and reliable IT infrastructure outsourcing and management for all aspects of your IT infrastructure. Our Managed Services provide complete, management of your IT infrastructure.

In addition, our services include IBM Software License Life-Cycle Management. Benefits include:

Version Control – Gain peace-of-mind with a full back-up of the content in your environment and the ability to retrieve it any time.

Release Management – Release management makes the process totally transparent and keeps a log of all released versions of objects. You no longer need worry about overwriting artifacts with the risk of catastrophic failure.

License Management –  Now you can easily keep track of licenses deployed in your environment while ensuring complete license compliance. This includes monitoring of concurrent usage of software for real-time enforcement of license limits.