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IBM Watson Explorer – Explore, analyze and interpret information for better business outcomes

IBM Watson Explorer enables you to connect employees and customers with the right information and insights at the right time. Watson Explorer provides:

  • Powerful indexing and search to ensure that employees in every part of the organization have access to the information they need, regardless of format or how it is managed.
  • Advanced content analytics to aggregate, analyze and visualize unstructured (natural language) content to reveal hidden insights and patterns.
  • Cognitive and information analysis capabilities via the IBM Watson Developer Cloud to enable organizations to embed interpretive features such as natural language question answering in their Watson Explorer applications.
  • A powerful Application Builder for creating 360-degree information applications to bring information, analytics, and cognitive insights together and deliver them to users in a cognitive exploration experience.
  • Content Analytics Miner allows users to see and analyze trends, patterns and anomalies in textual information.
  • Content Analytics Studio lets business analysts and other non-developer users create advanced, rule-based annotators using a simple drag-and-drop interface.


While structured analytics shows the what, where and when of a business challenge, Watson Explorer expands that insight to show the why and how, making data and information a more strategic asset. Watson Explorer can help improve performance across an entire organization by streamlining the process of gathering and analyzing the information needed for day-to-day tasks and interactions, as well as both strategic and tactical decisions.

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