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How SPM can help transform your sales processes for business success

For countless businesses, calculating incentive compensation remains a manual process that takes too much time, produces too many errors and lags selling activity by about three months.

Many businesses lack the flexibility to modify their plans to capitalize on opportunities or address emerging threats. Given the turbulent business environment, there’s hardly been a more propitious time for management to make sure that incentive pay is driving—and will continue to drive—sales behavior that translates into steady profits.

Sales Performance Management (SPM) systems automate the entire process, from retrieving sales data to designing accessible reports. SPM aligns selling resources with business priorities. Encompassing incentive compensation, territory management, and quota planning.

For management, SPM systems supply insight into how an incentive plan is working—or is likely to work if certain components are changed:

  • Will a specific shift in the incentive compensation plan trigger massive turnover?
  • Is it worth lowering quotas—even though it will increase the cost of sales?
  • Who are the top (and bottom) 10 performers?
  • What factors (such as their territory) help keep them in that group?

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