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IBM dashDB – Building Hybrid Data warehouses

The business environment supported by IT is evolving so rapidly that it is a requirement to deliver an infrastructure that is fluid, highly scalable, and able to support applications that are rapidly developed and assimilated.

The challenge is to deliver systems and services to support end to end supply chain interactions, business intelligence, and analytics at a reduced cost, with better customer satisfaction, while growing market share and stakeholder value.

IBM dashDB consists of a family of pre-configured data warehouse solutions available as either a fully managed service on a public cloud or as a client-managed service in a private cloud, for use on a customer’s existing IT infrastructure. By using both dashDB managed service and dashDB Local, customers can easily move data and workloads between them.

The dashDB for Analytics managed service is an on demand data warehouse service hosted on a public cloud, available via IBM Bluemix running on IBM SoftLayer, also available on Amazon Web Services (AWS). The dashDB managed cloud service integrates with IBM Cloudant and other IBM cloud services available through Bluemix, enabling the quick stitching together of cloud based solutions

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