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Cognos Analytics is the next generation of Cognos Business Intelligence

Nowadays, everyone wants answers to their questions, solutions for their problems and predictions of the future almost as fast as they think of them.

Business is no different. Executives, managers, you and your coworkers all want answers and solutions instantly. In addition, you and others want to know about problems almost as they are happening. Because of this craving for “instant analytics,” software has emerged that promises to alert you to problems, show you trends and patterns and analyze your data almost immediately—without help from a report author, IT or data expert

Do-it-yourself business intelligence, or as analysts refer to it, “self-service BI,” is hot right now. With so many choices to make, how do you know which is the best for you?

For a better understanding of what is happening throughout your entire organization, you need to know that you’re seeing a full picture of your business. Decisions really should not be made based on historical and real-time data alone. For the most informed decisions, a view of what is likely to happen is critical. Patterns, trends and scores should be presented alongside your existing report data. That way, not only can you know your past and understand your present, but you can also anticipate the future and act accordingly.

IBM offers self-service BI capabilities that can not only tell you what you need to know about the past, present and future, but also do it fast. To understand how IBM Cognos Analytics can help you, download the whitepaper “Moving forward into the future with Cognos Analytics”.


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